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Were you diagnosed with Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA)?
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Amyloidosis Support Groups

We are a phone call or email away!
24/7 TOLL FREE HELP/HOT LINE: 866-404-7539
OR EMAIL: Info@amyloidosissupport.org

Awareness Items and Donations

ASG spreads awareness at The ASH Convention
ASH Booth 3706 December 8-10 2012 Atlanta GA.

Donations are welcomed in both money and awareness item purchases. We currently offer wrist bands, pins, note cards, and polo shirts. If you would like to make a donation without purchasing products, click here (donations only) or donate online via the PayPal DONATE button below.

NEW! 4" x 6" Outdoor magnets - great for cars, file cabinets, refrigerators, metal desks and doors, etc.
Please e-mail Muriel for details

Note Cards: $20.00 suggested donation per package of a dozen, check or credit cards accepted, 1 dozen assorted in each box. - contact Muriel, muriel@finkelsupply.com

Shipping is $7.50 for less than 6 dozen and $10.00 for 6 to 12 dozen (to and from the U.S. only, please contact Muriel for International shipping costs).

A roll of seals comes with each box ordered, to seal the envelopes.

The labels are pressure sensitive (no moistening required) and are less than 2" x 2" and are on rolls.

To place an order, click the ORDER HERE text anywhere on this page.

La Donna Floral Series
Jean Adams Winter Series


Wrist Bands: suggested $2-$5 donation


Amyloidosis Tee Shirts w/pocket- full cut- gray with garnet (deep red/burgundy) print
SIZES: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and Higher

$20.00 each plus shipping
Credit Cards
e-mail muriel@amyloidosissupport.com for information


You can also DONATE by shopping at your favorite stores via IGIVE.com "You Shop, They Win! Help your favorite cause for free. At over 680 brand name stores, a portion of each online purchase is donated to your favorite cause! Your stores, your cause, their money." See more details at IGIVE.com!


FREE AWARENESS ITEMS - Email Steve to get your ASG seals or static cling window decals.

Envelope seals are a great way to help raise awareness.

These are 3 inches across and 2 inches down and cling to the inside of window with static.

Click here to see our Note cards or to make a donation

Article on the front page of CAP Today:
"Amyloidosis hiding in plain sight".
For the full text of the article click here.

Amy survivor Penny Kubik from Utica ran the 15k Boilermaker Road Race in Utica on July 8th, 2007. See details and photos in a blog titled She Went The Distance!

Support Groups


ATTR Hereditary and Wild Type

Non-ATTR Hereditary

Arizona (Phoenix)

California (Los Angeles)

California (San Diego)



Colorado (Denver)


Florida (Jacksonville)

Florida (Miami)

Florida (Tampa)



Kansas City


Maryland (Baltimore/D.C.)

Maryland (Hagerstown)

Massachusetts (Boston)


Nevada (Las Vegas)

New York City

New York (Rochester)

Ohio (OSU)



St. Louis

Texas (Dallas)

Texas (Houston)



Washington (Seattle)

Washington (Spokane)

We invite our pharmaceutical liaisons to our support group meetings to help in our goal of educating and empowering our patients. The donations and/or grant received from these companies are unconditional, and the ASG does not endorse any one of their products over any other types of amyloidosis treatment. These treatments are mentioned at our meetings, on our website, and other electronic format for educational purposes. We encourage you to consult your amyloidosis professional when choosing a treatment plan.

Order ASG Shirts Here (PDF Form)