Steve Keller



TYPE OF AMYLOIDOSIS: Primary Amyloidosis

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado

WHERE TREATED: Rocky Mountain Cancer Center PB/SL DR. Frank & Dr Matous


SCT & High dose chemo. Day zero: April 9 04  - Two years out

D.O.B. 1956 = 50 years old

Sketch by Steve, drawn when undergoing treatment in isolation.

Primary care Physician Dr. John H. Gale diagnosed the Amyloidosis very quickly with the help of Kidney Doctor Melissa Yanover. Dr Matous recommended a prompt SCT and High Dose Chemo. In my case it was diagnosed and treated rather quickly.

Miracles do happen.

Very blessed! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Main symptoms : fatigue, muscle cramps, hands and calves of legs. Increased thirst for liquids, and a loss of taste replaced by a bad taste and nausea. After Bone Marrow Transplant and High Dose Chemo symptoms have gradually declined.

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