Lorraine Brown

I have attended group meetings in New York City at Mt. Sinai. I enjoyed each one and the guest speakers were so helpful. The group environment help me a lot because it made me feel at home talking about a disease that has touched our lives and others in our lives. The people there truly understand the emotional experience in our daily life and how much its important to have health providers who you can trust and are there for you. I was diagnosed March 18,2008 with Cardio-Amyloidosis. I had a Heart Transplant June 30, 2008. I had a Stem Cell Transplant Feb. 17, 2009 for the Amyloid. It didn't take. I was so upset when I went to my out patient visit and they gave me the news. I tried not to let this news break me down that I lost hope. I went back to my Hematologist and he said we will try the Velcade again. After 12 rounds of Velcade and prayers, the Velcade was working. I felt here was my miracle. I survived a year fighting and never gave up or held on to negative feelings. I have faith and a lot of supporters who held me up and made me laugh and positive Doctors in my corner. I love the way they made me feel positive and trust them. I wish patients who have this find peace and support like I have. And believe, just believe. Sorry I went off the subject, but I am so HAPPY of my out come. And being part of a great support group.

Thank You.