Kay Rowley


March of 1998, age 57, I began to experience numbness in my arms. It became severe, a pins and needles sensation, especially at night, waking me from sleep. The pain was so excruciating, I had to get up and carry my arms around the house, seeking relief. Massage and chiropractic treatment helped, but the effect didn't last. After a year, I sought Scientology auditing for numbness and began to feel better. Several months later, the numbness went away.

The first half of 2000, I started noticing a little breathlessness while on hikes. By August, physical exertion would quickly leave me breathless and fatigued. When ascending stairs, I would have to rest at each landing. Another strange symptom occurred when I began biting my tongue and every time it would bleed. I also developed "raccoon" eyes, every time I washed my face with a washcloth-bruised eyelids.

By September, I could tell my heart wasn't beating right-it was beating too loudly, skipping beats, and I needed more pillows to sleep/elevate my head. My Spokane, WA primary doctor said he could hear a murmur (never had that before), and sent me to a cardiologist the very next day. Additional tests were performed including an echocardiogram, but it took months to get the results.

While I waited, I sought help from a chiropractor. He said I had pneumonia and told me to take Immuplex 3 times a day. By mid-October, my heart felt somewhat better and I attributed it to the Immuplex. Around this time, I noticed there were many bubbles in my urine, and my ankles started to swell. A Floridian medical doctor, who practiced alternative medicine, diagnosed me with pulmonary hypertension and the Cytomegalos virus. She also sent me to a dentist, who said my numerous metal fillings had attracted bacteria in my wisdom tooth sockets. The doctor and dentist put me on several vitamins and minerals, imprinted a wavelength on my jaw to relax it, and gave me a homeopathic solution for my toxins in my swollen lymph glands. They seemed to reduce in size.

By December, my digestive system went awry. I was never hungry, always felt full, and slowly began to gain weight. To counter this, I had several colonics, which released a huge blockage out of my system. I noticed more energy within 2 hours.

January of 2002, I finally received my blood test results from my cardiologist. She apologized for the wait and said I either had Multiple Myloma or Amyloidosis, showing abnormal Lambda light chain proteins with a trace of Kappa, and needed more tests immediately. I saw Dr. Northfelt, oncologist at Rancho Mirage, CA, at Eisenhower Medical. He conducted blood and urine tests along with a bone marrow biopsy, and sent me to a CA cardiologist, Dr. Bellaci. Dr. Bellace gave me a stress echo, put me on a treadmill, and couldn't believe what he saw. He showed me what looked like ground glass and bright lights in my heart, and said it was Amyloidosis. He said I would be in a hospital right now if it were not for the vitamins. I returned to Dr. Northfelt, who said I was a puzzle-the tests he took didn't show anything. I said I wanted to go to an expert and asked him who he would recommend. He suggested a number of clinics and I chose the Mayo in Arizona. Dr. Northfelt was friends with Mayo's Dr. Reeder and called him. Dr. Reeder asked Dr. Northfelt to take a fat biopsy, and that test confirmed I had Amyloidosis.

February 11 I saw Dr. Reeder in Scottsdale, AZ, at that time the only Amyloidosis expert on the west coast. He conducted more tests, confirmed I had Primary Amyloidosis, and scheduled me to return within 3 weeks. If the tests looked good, I would have a stem cell transplant immediately.

Returning to Palm Springs, CA, my ankles and legs began to swell and I couldn't seem to get enough air into my lungs. The only way I could sleep was to lie on my stomach, propped up on my elbows with pillows underneath, and then it would only help for a couple of hours. I found I couldn't walk 40 feet on flat ground without stopping for air. It was always worse in the mornings. Mild diarrhea entered my health picture. By the end of February, I developed a cough and fever, so decided to check into the emergency clinic. The Clinic doctor said I had congestive heart failure due to fluid retention, and insisted I go by ambulance to Eisenhower Hospital immediately. I was given a diuretic and put on oxygen, both of which helped immeasurably. However, ten hours later they released me as Dr. Northfelt told them I needed to go to the Mayo Clinic in AZ as soon as possible for my appointment.

February 27, my parents and I set out for Phoenix from Rancho Mirage, CA, a five hour drive. Halfway to Phoenix, I told them I needed to go to the Mayo Hospital as I could hardly breathe. I wanted to sleep in the car but knew if I did, that I might not wake up, so I forced myself to stay awake. We finally arrived and I checked myself in to the Hospital. My heartbeat was irregular, I had pneumonia, and 3/4s of my body was retaining fluid including way up my lungs. I spent 5 days in the hospital where they stabilized my heart, put me on oxygen 24 hours a day, diuretics reduced much of the fluid, and I was treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics for pneumonia. A thoracentisis was performed, draining 1 quart of fluid from one of my lungs. Then, I was released to the Arizona Transplant House to rest and heal. I was given 6 Lasix and Potassium a day to overcome the fluid retention.

Dr. Reeder determined that my heart was not strong enough to withstand a stem cell transplant, so recommended Alkerin, a low-dose chemotherapy treatment, with Prednisone, a steroid. I took the treatment for 7 days and then recovered for 6 weeks before repeating the cycle again and again. Statistics said only about 30% of patients respond to this type of treatment.

At the end of the first treatment, I "crashed" hard going off the Prednisone too quickly. For a couple of days, I stayed in bed, as it was an effort just to talk, much less to eat. After that, I learned to taper the last couple of Prednisone tablets by taking a pill twice in one day, and then a pill 3 times a day on the last day. The "crashes" were much less severe using this method. I usually experienced a day during the crash where my heartbeat seemed irregular and beat extra hard, so I would rest on that day and added magnesium to my diet, which helped my heart.

After one month at the AZ Transplant House, I was strong enough to return to Rancho Mirage, CA, for April and returned to Spokane, WA in May, feeling better. I completed 7 cycles of this treatment, improving each time. My protein spill in Feb. was 4300, and by August it was 806. The return blood flow from my heart was 50% in Feb. and by August it was 75%. All the excess fluid is gone, my ankles don't swell anymore, and the Lasix was reduced to 4 per day. Dr. Stephen Anthony, my Spokane oncologist, suggested I take Aranesp/Epogen, which increased my red blood cells using my own stem cells. Dr. Reeder confirmed there was no additional amyloid buildup around my heart in the part 6 months.

I learned to pace myself as I would tire easily. My amyloid symptoms for 2002 to 2003 were bruising eyelids from the slightest touch, dizziness upon standing suddenly, and breathlessness when walking up stairs. I needed more sleep than usual along with a daily nap. To protect my immune system, I had to take extra precautions not to get sick-such as wearing a mask in public places, avoiding sick people, and wearing gloves when shaking hands or touching public door handles, gas pumps, etc.

December of 2002 I needed 3 units of blood due to the chemo effects. January of 2003 my blood outflow increased from 50% to 75%, my kidney spill reduced from over 4000 to less than 1300, Lasix was reduced from 6 to 4 (240mg) daily as was potassium (220mg). I continued to take 1000 mg Vit. C and 1 multi-vitamin daily. I began to use 5 to 8 lb. weights, rode a Cardio Glide for 20 minutes, and walked 15 to 30 minutes. I applied for Social Security Disability, but didn't get it until 2004.

Now it is 2007 and I am not just surviving-I am thriving. My health seems back to normal and my energy is amazing. I walk about 2 miles a day, do aerobics three times a week, and contra or swing dance. Dr. Reeder said I am partial remission as I have a few amyloid particles in my blood. Outwardly, I show no symptoms of Amyloidosis. Inwardly, my heart feels normal and my kidney protein spill is minimal.

What did I do to achieve this miracle of surviving?
1. Followed the treatment offered.
2. Over 2,000 people were praying for me.
3. I am an optimist and have a positive outlook on life.
4. I have a large circle of friends that supported me when I let them know my condition via email. Some gave blood in my name.
5. I found it helpful to talk about my disease to others and learn about it via the internet.
6. I asked my friends to send me jokes & I watched funny movies to increase my endorphins.
7. I didn't play the "blame" game or the "victim" game-just concentrated on healing.
8. I wanted to see what my mind was doing to my body so I underwent Dianetics Auditing. During the auditing, I could actually feel my heart healing in several places. After the auditing, I had an echocardiogram. It showed my heart valve had healed. December of 2006 my cardiologist could not hear my murmur.

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