Hello my name is John. I live in Crossville TN, I have primary amyloidosis I was diagnose in 2012 and was told I had 13 moths to live Ö it is now June of 2016 and Iím still here, I went from being a truck driver to being retired inside of 30 days my weight went from 240 lbs. down to 137 lbs inside of 60 days I spent a lot of time in the hospitals and no one knew what to do until I was given a biopsy and discovered the disease , in April of 2014 I had a stroke and a heart attack in the same night I was told again I would not go home , well after being put on velcade and having the will to live I for many months I was abused after that by my spouse whom I am divorced from now I spent almost 9 months in a wheel chair and learned to walk again during this time I am now living alone on my own in my own apt an I also am able to drive a vehicle again I have a hematologist who took on my case as a challenge and has stayed in Constance contact with Vanderbilt medical center in Nashville TN. I spent over 2 months being treated by doctors from around the nation in Vanderbilt on several occasion they were stumped on my case because I defied the odds my blood work was off the charts and even to this date I still have extreme low blood pressure numbers are 78 /55 and with the medication called midodrine it helps keep the heart rate working. Anyway I can be contacted at the following e mail drach295@yahoo.com for further questions or reached at 931 287-6007 . prefer E mails please